Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boss GS 10

Powered by COSM® modeling, the GS-10 Guitar Effects System has everything guitar and bass players need for incredible tone-like all-new amp models, overdrive/distortion modeling, independent compression and more. Effects can be edited via front-panel knobs, or using bundled software. And recording is easy, thanks to a built-in USB port and convenient onboard speaker system. It's like having the ultimate BOSS effects processor and an audio interface in one!

Advanced COSM® Effects
When you plug into the GS-10, you get the same awesome-sounding COSM effects made famous in the BOSS GT-6 and GT-6B, plus a selection of all-new guitar and bass amp models-48 types total! Each effect section is clearly laid out on the front panel-complete with rotary knobs and a convenient Tone Modify function for easy tweaking.

The GS-10's COSM effects include new guitar amp models like “T-AMP” and bass amp modeling, plus wah modeling and a variety of overdrive/distortion models. You'll also find essentials like delay, chorus and reverb, plus two “FX” processors with everything from flanging and phasing to unique effects like Harmonist, Defretter, Rotary and Uni-V (independent compression and EQ are also provided). It all adds up to the most powerful multi-effects processor on the market.

Made for Professional Recording
Once you've crafted the ultimate tone, record it in pristine digital quality using the coaxial digital output. Or use the GS-10's USB port to interface directly with recording software. Not computer-savvy? Don't worry. One cable is all it takes to record your playing and guitar tones in pristine, 24-bit digital sound quality. No sound card to mess with, no mixer or adaptors needed. The GS-10 also comes bundled with editor software that makes tweaking the effects easy-perfect for use with your favorite recording software.

Built-In Stereo Speaker System
With the GS-10's onboard speaker system, there's no need for external monitors and cables. So whether you're at home or in a hotel room, you can plug in and start playing through the amazing selection of COSM effects. An Auxiliary input is also provided, making it possible to play along with a CD player or drum machine. For killer tone when recording or performing, the GS-10 is all you need.

Bundled GS-10 Editor Software
This software makes editing the GS-10's multi-effects ultra-intuitive, since all effect sections can be seen and tweaked from one convenient screen.

Includes Cakewalk Music Creator Software
Music Creator is the easy way to record music on a PC. It comes with powerful loop-based tools, DXi soft synths, DirectX effects and more.

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