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Growing up in Yogyakarta, Windo, and Rinto went to Muhammadiyah 1 High School, building up reputation as both music fans and guitar players. In 1999, they formed a high school band called Magic Pie. After finishing school in 2000, they formed Dojihatori with their college mates: Virji on bass, Happy on drums, and Barik on vocals. The band's name came from abbreviation of their nicknames (winDO, virJI, HAppy, rinTO, baRIk). Due to studying abroad, Barik left the band in 2002 and Yuma came in 2003

In 2006, Happy resigned from his position due to personal reason. He's replaced by Ferry. Their first loves were heavily into indierock and britpop oriented music. Bands like The Who, The Small Faces, The Jam, and Ocean Color Scene fixed their cravings for brit-esque guitars and vocals. They all play massive parts in contributing to Dojihatori's reference and influence. Dojihatori is currently signed by Blossom Records, a minor label in DI Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Discography: 2005 | Get Out of Here | EP | Blossom Records. 2006 | It's Too Risky to Take a Day Off | LP | Blossom Records. 2007 | Indie Fest Vol. 1 | Compilation | Fast Forward Records. 2007 | Simplicity Too | Compilation | Blossom Records.

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