Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marshall JCM 900

Total Flexibility

Between the Dual Reverb and SL-X ranges, the JCM900 series of valve powered amplifiers and combos offer completely flexible systems to ideally suit the type of player and size of performance.

Extra Strength SL-X

* 50 Watt 2500 SL-X and 100 Watt 2100 SL-X amplifier formats.
* Extra ECC83 [12AX7] valve in the pre-amp
* Switchable master volumes
* 4 band EQ
* Pre-amp volume control and a Gain sensitivity [which goes from 0-20!]
* Effects loop
* Direct output
* Switchable high and low output
* Valve failure LEDs.

Dual Reverb Flexibility

* A wide variety of combo and head formats
* Two independent channels
* Independent Gain and Volume controls
* Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence tone controls
* Reverb level controls for each channel
* Series Effects loop
* Compensated Line Out
* High to Low power switch [100 Watts down to 50 Watts on 100 Watt models and 50 Watts down to 25 Watts on 50 Watt models]
* Valve failure LEDs.
* Unique fail-safe circuit on 100 Watt models to keep the amp running in the event of a valve failure to get you through to the end of the gig.

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