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Morbiddust was arising in middle 1990 in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. First Formed by Dodi Cimplink Demon (Guitar/ Voc), Didi Complonk Demon (Bass Guitar) and Nunuk (Drum). Second formed Cimplink (Guitar/ Voc), Complonk (Guitar), Yuli (Bass) and Ari Keeling (Drum). Morbiddust played cover songs from Terrorizer, Kreator, Slayer, Napalm Death, Entombed. For a few years morbiddust invaded metal scene and then they’re decided to fuck up the band ‘coz they had to continue their school. They’re stay at 1st grade of Junior High School.
After more less 15 years vacuum, Dodi Cimplink Demon and Didi Complonk Demon decide to reform Morbiddust. So Daemon ‘kancil’ Bj and AdhiSalvo from PATHETIC join to complete the band.

December 2004, Morbiddust back from the dead with new performance. Present line up; Guitars on Dodi ‘Cimplink’ Demon and Didi ‘Complonk’ Demon, Bass on AdhiSalvo and Daemon ‘KancilLotti’ Bj as the Unholy Mbacother. We’re still use Bangkit The Deranged Wheels from Scare Monger and Yossy "Too Tall" join to blasting the snare at july '08.
Death Metal has chosen for our faith. We’ve played cover songs from Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Deicide,Malevolent Creation at first.
Some gigs had fucked In or Out city of Semarang. Many gigs passed with more and less in performs. Learning from kicking cover song ass experiences, Morbiddust decide to butcher their own songs.
Mid 2006, Morbiddust promo/demo out with title “…And The Worst Friends And Enemy Is But DEATH!!!”. This demo/promo spreaded free to label, zine, and friends.
Positive response!. One of Most Brutal Indonesian Death Metal local label, Rottrevore Jakarta interesting to recruit Morbiddust into their Alliance of war when they’re receive the Demo’s. Early 2007 Morbiddust signed with Rottrevore Recs for next deadly troop.
Full length debut album come out in July 2008.
“War Are Forever” titled for the 1st debut full-length album. Contain 11 songs. Completely arrangement between technique, harmoniy, brutality, with some old and new school sound. Grinding 1/32 intense.
Neverending insane fuckin growling. A thousands years anger blasted in this album. Soul of the song is absolutely caught!
Talking about War, Army, shoots with different sight from their own self opinions.
Patriotism, Zionism, death, veteran, soldiers, liberty, defeat, victims etc for lyrics theme. Feel the Anger, Sorrow, pity, many senses will kill you. No damned compromise full length fucking album.
Extreme Progressive Death Metal, We called our music. Morbiddust absolutely loyal in Death metal Age for their creativity! 1/32 & Growls rulez…!!!
Prepare yourself for our invasion, be ware for the bullets! We’ll make damn you fucking bloody weeping!!!
Anyone who interesting please don't hesitate to ctc us. We need ur help to spread our bullets.


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