Monday, January 19, 2009


Navicula was formed in 1996 in Denpasar, Bali by two musician activists: Robi and Dankie. After changing personnels numerous times, the current formation is: Rob (vocals, guitar), Dankie (guitar), Made (bass), and Gembull (drums). The name Navicula was inspired by a type of single celled golden algae, which is shaped like a small ship (in Latin Navicula means small ship).Their music has a grunge rock undertone, but is combined with many other genres of sound, such as ethnic, psychedelic, alternative, grunge, progressive, and straight forward rock. The band's lyrics are heavy with activism messages of Peace, Love and Freedom.

Though the band has always been active in the indie music scene, in 2004 they signed a contract with Sony-BMG, a major label. Navicula released their 4th album, Alkemis, with sony-BMG. But, in 2007 they released their 5th album, Beautiful Rebel, independently and returned to following their ideals through the indie music scene. Navicula is based in Bali, but as an independent band, they continue to keep up a national profile. Since releasing their 5th album they have already began promotion through Java. Though distribution of the album isn't as widespread, it is available on i-tunes or it can be ordered through the band's myspace site or email:

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