Thursday, January 15, 2009

Olive Tree

It was September 2003 when Kiki (Songwriter/Pianist) asked Bez (Drums) and the other starting members to form a band named Olive Tree, later on, the other starting members decided to leave the band and replaced by Iman (Bass) and Teezar (Guitar) which become the original member of Olive Trees later performances. The very first public performance of the band was in March 2004, five months after it was formed. In their first two years of struggle, The unique musical characters of the band rapidly catch everybody's attention in their every performances. With no other band to compare in their genre (which is a hybrid from classical pop piano, unique vocal character, powerful drum beats, catchy bass tunes and rock guitars) the somehow gloomy but funny band becomes a stand alone benchmark in Bandungs independent music scene.

The rock love song and March of the lonely nights are two olive tree demo tracks released by the bands for radio play (the second track also appears on the demo cassette supplied by Ripple Magazine), and become number one indie track on two separate big radio stations in Bandung from October to November 2004. The next demo track Miss you used for late night radio program for their background music illustration. Still looking for the right recording label to sign, in February 2006 Olive Tree released their first commercial single Winter Holiday under Jakartas join recording labels: Parc & Kenanga records in their compilation album: Riot The Thursday Riot Compilation in which features 17 old & upcoming Indie artists from independent music scene allover Indonesia.

In December 2006 Olive Tree finally release their debut album, self funded, self promoted and self distributed. The album contains 12 tracks and their singles quickly climbs to the top of indie charts in many radio allover major cities in indonesia. Currently on tour and promoting their album, Olive tree are working on some songs for the upcoming second album and planning to release the album in one or two years.
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