Sunday, January 11, 2009

Risky Summerbee

Risky Summerbee and the Honeythief was formed in April 2007 by singer and songwriter Risky Summerbee, the band also consist of Erwin Zibiyan, Dodi Kurniawan and Nadya Hatta. The groups tendensy to be adventorous in their music has brought to the acclaim of the independent music scene in their hometown in Jogjakarta.

Although their trademark of being a psychadelic - folk - blues playing musicians are always within their music, the bandis also notable for their contemporary music works such as "The Rise and Fall of a Scoundrel Queen" and their collaboration with teater Garasi's "" (2008)

The band also did a pleasant collaboration with Slamet Gundono, a traditional Javanese coast peppeteerin their concert entitled "Memoirs Of gandari" (2008). A memorable collision ofmusical background witch they managed to get out of their comfort zone.

Since then, the band has been notable for their contemporary music works, but pther that that, Risky Summerbee and the Honeythief are still one of the crowds favorite for their live acts for their folk - blues - psychedelic scores.

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