Sunday, January 11, 2009

War are Forever - Morbiddust


“War Are Forever” titled for the 1st debut full-length album. Contain 11 songs. Completely arrangement between technique, harmoniy, brutality, with some old and new school sound. Grinding 1/32 intense.
Neverending insane fuckin growling. A thousands years anger blasted in this album. Soul of the song is absolutely caught!
Talking about War, Army, shoots with different sight from their own self opinions.

Patriotism, Zionism, death, veteran, soldiers, liberty, defeat, victims etc for lyrics theme. Feel the Anger, Sorrow, pity, many senses will kill you. No damned compromise full length fucking album.
Extreme Progressive Death Metal, We called our music. Morbiddust absolutely loyal in Death metal Age for their creativity! 1/32 & Growls rulez…!!!
Prepare yourself for our invasion, be ware for the bullets! We’ll make damn you fucking bloody weeping!!!
Anyone who interesting please don't hesitate to ctc us. We need ur help to spread our bullets.

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