Monday, January 19, 2009

Zeke and the Popo

Zeke & the popo, begins as a side project from Zeke (vocal, piano & guitar from the band LAIN) at 2003. Zeke then asked Leonardo Ringo (a.k.a Mugeni) to jam & the two quickly felt a chemistry between them to create music together. Not long after, they asked Iman Fattah (a.k.a Babyfaced) also from the band LAIN to play synthesizer.

As the trio jammed & played gigs often, they contributed for J.K.T.S.K.R.G compilation from aksara records and this marked the need for a drummer & bass player because the band had felt that their music has grown from a 3 piece sound based band to a spacey, ambient layered analog band. Thus, they asked Amir (a.k.a Kuro) to play drum & Yudi (a.k.a Sideburns) to play bass. In November 2003, they performed together for the first time on the first event in Aksara Bookstore Kemang.

In 2005, ZATPP (as the band is also known) contributed 3 of their music to the soundtrack of the film "Joni's Promise" (including a song called “Mighty Love” which was credit to their alter-ego band Salvatore Mamadou) and the film became a major success and so is ZATPP gained a large number of fans during that year. In March 2005, ZATPP released their first EP, “Unrescued World” which contains four songs. It didn't take too long for the CD to sold out. The effect of ZATPP EP's selling created a buzz and generates a large number of followers in Bandung (in a monthly event “Les Voila 2005”, which also featured some prominents local acts like Mocca and the S.I.G.I.T, ZATPP attracted more followers).

In November 2006 ZATPP once again contributed a song in the original soundtrack of “6:30”. In the launching of the movie, ZATPP performs with their respectable contamporaries, NAIF and Pure Saturday. Aside from the music project, Zeke was also a composer of a film score and a music director of “KALA” directed by Joko Anwar ( “Joni's Promise” director). Zeke also directed the Space in the Headlines' single music video, making the best out of his film edutation in London. Currently (in 2007) Zeke succesfully launch a “KALA” original soundtrack together with Zeke and the Popo debut album, “Space in the Headlines” under Black Morse Records. The first single released from “KALA” original soundtrack was “Hope Killer” which is also recognized as the teaser for “Space in the Headlines”. In Space in the Headlines, ZATPP offers richer and more organic sounds compare to their previous EP. However, for listener it would'nt be hard to recognized the trade mark spacey soundscape that's ZATPPesque. Zeke & the popo is known through out a local independent music scene because they have a unique sound, arrangement & stage act. they always brought along their own visual to display each time they perform and this is one of the thing that makes them remembered as a one-of-a-kind visual sound band.

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