Friday, January 9, 2009

Dead Electrics

The Dead Electrics formed in February in 2008, and have played a number of big gigs since then. The Cavern, Barfly, Dry Bar, WA1, Kasbah (Coventry) and acoustic sets in store (Bluewater) included. The lyrical styling’s and social reflections of Frontman Jack Sheppard offer a practical alternative to the mass invasion of Libertines wannabes. The originally simple and creative bass incursions from Paul Sidor backed by a relentless romp of 'Who' influenced drumming Rich Evans undoubtedly prove this three piece band have a significant sound raring to invade the nations radios. The range of musical influences are uncontrollably sampled. This is evident when you contrast such tracks as ‘Stickin’ Round’ to ‘Backburner’. There is an upbeat tempo about this Liverpool based band that has nestled itself into the tapestry of North West music.

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