Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lampu kota

a recently formed band from Jogja city. well, actually, quite long established but still using the other name and having the other members before the other members decided to leave the band at last.

initiated by 2 settled members, Buddy and Aryf, who formed a band called FeelOkay but finally split due to different taste of music from the other 2 members. Buddy and Aryf then struggled to find a bassist and guitarist to complete the formation and form a brand new band. they finally found Eka (bass) and Kiki (guitar).

since Eka had another project, she decided to leave the band in order to be more focused on the project. besides that, she was also rather busy with her mujaer fish breeding activity [^^v]. the remaining 3 of them formed a new band called LAMPUKOTA (after long time searching, pondering, considering, they decided to name the band so).

at first, the band was only intended to do some covers up from 2 most strikingly rocking bands in the world Weezer and Ash but later when they finally got their own materials, they decided to work on their own songs.

the songs (and the writers, indeed!) are greatly influenced by The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Ash, and some f*cking awesome rocking local indie bands.

For more info : Lampu kota

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